Planetary Variables


Planetary Variables are analysis-ready data feeds that measure important conditions on the surface of the Earth including: Soil Water Content, Land Surface Temperature, Crop Biomass, and Forest Structure and Carbon. These products draw on observations from numerous public and commercial satellite missions to generate datasets that have broad, continuous geographic coverage and high-temporal resolution.

About Planetary Variables

To learn more about Planetary Variables, please review each of their documentation pages:

Purchasing Planetary Variables

If you need to purchase Planetary Variables, please contact Planet Sales.

If you already have your Planet API key that has access to Planetary Variables data, you can skip this section and use the TPDI subscriptions or EO-Browser's Commercial Data tab. For the specific type and id values for each Planetary Variable, please refer to their documentation pages linked above.


Subscribing to and visualizing Planetary Variables is illustrated by this Soil Water Content example.